​​LifeShield Alliance is not accepting renewals or new memberships for air transport insurance!  All policies will be honored through July 31st, 2016.  August 1, 2016, all memberships are cancelled.

Due to a change in insurance carriers, LifeShield Alliance is currently looking for a new air medical underwriter.  The company has assured us that we will be kept up to date on any progress and we will post it here.  Below is the email that is being sent to members.

Dear LifeShield Alliance Member,
This letter provides Notice that the medical evacuation insurance coverage provided to LSA members will be terminated and non-renewed as of August 1, 2016. Unfortunately, the insurance underwriter, Federal Insurance Company (“FIC”), has determined not to renew the group policy and certificates of insurance, and has indicated that all coverage under the group policy and certificates of insurance will end effective August 1. FIC will continue to administer coverage and pay valid claims for medical evacuations occurring on or before July, 31, 2016, in accordance with the terms of the group master policy and certificates. In light of this news, we will not be accepting any new or renewing applications at this time.
We are currently evaluating other coverage options and will be in contact in the near future regarding potential solutions.
If you have any questions, please let us know by addressing inquiries to:
LifeShield Alliance
333 W. Vine Street, Ste. 1650
Lexington, KY  40507
Phone:  (859) 264-0275
Email: info@lifeshieldalliance.com
Michelle Sexton
Office Manager






Useppa Island Fire & Rescue

Useppa Island, Florida

Useppa Island, Florida is a 100 acre bridgeless island accessible only by boat, located approximately 6 miles offshore of Pine Island in northwest Lee County.

The island is one mile long and 1/3 mile wide comprised of 63 single family homes, 52 duplex living units, 14 rental apartments, 18 staff housing units, 2 restaurants, 1 administrative office center, 1 museum, and 1 island service center. The island service center houses the water plant, waste water treatment facility, repair shops, landscaping and housekeeping services. Useppa Island has no improved roadway system, only a 12 foot wide crushed shell pathway that winds through the island from one end to the other. The only motorized vehicles on the island are the fire company’s 2 pumpers and rescue ATV, and 2 tractors used by the island’s landscaping department. Electric golf carts are the primary mode of transportation for residents and guests.

Fire protection and first response emergency medical service is provided by the Useppa Island Volunteer Fire Company, Inc., (UIVFC) which was established in 1981 as a not for profit corporation registered with the Florida Secretary of State. UIVFC is contracted with Lee County to provide emergency services and collect property taxes to fund said services. Time-sensitive emergency medical patients (MI, CVA)  are generally transported by Lee County’s EMS helicopter, otherwise transport is handled by boat with Lee EMS ambulance rendez-vous.

Although UIVFC was originally established in 1981 as an all volunteer organization, in 1996 when the island had been extensively developed and populated, it was decided to employ 2 professional fire and EMS personnel who would reside on-island and be available for response on a 24/7 basis. In 1996, the UIVFC board of directors conducted a national search for a couple with the qualifications and desire to accept the logistical challenges of providing emergency services on a remote bridgeless island. Ultimately, a midwest husband and wife team was selected and provided island based emergency services for 17 years.  In June 2013, a new husband and wife team (and their 10-year old son) from Maryland was chosen to assume the responsibilities of the fire department. They are supplemented by an Emergency Response Team comprised of 7-10 resident and staff volunteers.

UIVFC is currently doing business as Useppa Island Fire Rescue (UIFR) and responds from a fire station situated in the geographic center of the island. This strategic location facilitates a 2-3 minute response time to any property on the island. Useppa Island Fire Rescue’s current ISO rating is “9”.

Useppa Island Fire Rescue operates the following apparatus:

  • 1999 Emergency One pumper equipped with a 1000 gallon per minute pump, 300 gallon water tank and a 40 gallon class “A” foam system,
  • 2006 Emergency One pumper equipped with a 1250 gallon per minute pump and 1000 gallon water tank; and,
  • 2002 Polaris Ranger ATV EMS/Rescue vehicle.

Because Useppa Island does not have a fire hydrant system, in the event of a fire that requires more fire suppression water than carried on the above apparatus, (2) 2012 Tohatsu portable fire pumps (600 gpm) and (2) Hale portable fire pumps (400 gpm), can be quickly mobilized on their trailer to pump salt water from the surrounding bay. Three of these pumps are based at the centrally located fire station and one is located at the marina.

Should a structure fire be reported on Useppa Island, Lee Control, our emergency communications center, will automatically dispatch UIFR and the Marine Emergency Response Team (MERT) assigned to our area. Our MERT is comprised of fire boats and personnel from fire departments on Pine Island, Upper Captiva, Captiva, Cape Coral, Sanibel and Boca Grande. Their response time ranges from 30-60 minutes.

UIFR’s strategic approach to our community’s fire defense is Prevention – Early Notification – Quick Response – Rapid Entry – Safe Suppression. Accordingly, we perform Fire and Life Safety Inspections to identify potential hazards that should be eliminated to prevent a fire; we encourage the installation of monitored smoke detectors for early notification, particularly when the property is vacant for extended periods; we promote the installation of residential fire sprinklers as the quickest, most effective fire response available; we endorse the use of the ”KnoxBox” key box system to facilitate rapid entry; and, we will always employ fire suppression tactics that ultimately ensure the safety of all responders.

​Useppa Island Club, the Fire Board of Directors and the Fire Chief have met to discuss open-burning on Useppa Island.  The concensus is that there is to be NO open flame or open burning on Useppa Island without the express, direct consent of the Fire Chief.  This includes:  bonfires, outdoor fire pits (excluding LP-fueled fire pits), burning of yard debris, chinese wish lanterns, or fireworks of any kind.  Additionally, all wood-burning fireplaces should have chimney caps with (ember) screens installed.