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UIVFD Fire Board Meeting Minutes                                                  March 16, 2015

The Board meeting was called to order at 9:03AM by President Ray George with the following board members present in person –

Directors: Ray George, Tony Colgan, Robert Stevens, Bobbi Caraway, and Jim Doherty.

In Attendance: Frank Stokes and Laura Stokes

The meeting complied with the sunshine law since there was adequate notice to the public and members of the Fire Company.

President George asked that the minutes of the past meeting be accepted as written and not read. Motion by Tony Colgan, seconded by Bob Stevens. Motion carried.

Jim Doherty gave a Treasurer’s report and asked the report be accepted. Motion by Bob Stevens, seconded by Tony Colgan. Motion Carried.

Old Business:

The severance account is fully funded and the amount is limited by Florida law.

Funding for the Capital account in next year’s budget will be reduced from $25,000 to $15,000 because it is currently at $100,166.97.

The progress on new contracts for Frank and Laura was discussed. Frank and Tony Colgan have a verbal agreement on Frank’s contract contingent upon an agreeable contract for Laura. Since Laura did not qualify as a Florida Fire Fighter she is not able to hold the role of Deputy Chief and be an exempt employee. Clarification is being sought as to whether Laura can be classified as exempt in the role of Chief Medical Officer/Paramedic.

 Chief Stokes report:

An equipment and apparatus training drill was conducted recently. The plan is to conduct similar training and familiarization sessions twice per month from October to April. One of those drills would be at night.

 The portable pump for the marina is closer to deployment with a cart and cover coming soon.

 Chief Stokes identified and utilized a certified provider (Mike Chase) for testing and reporting on our engine pumps and apparatus. This will keep all of our equipment and apparatus fully compliant.

 Chief Stokes plans to add up to 8 additional water blow off points to provide sources of water around the island. Currently there are four in place – North End, Fire Station, West side of the Village, and South End. These sources of water may help residents lower their fire insurance premium.

 A motion by Ray George to authorize up to $5,000.00 to add the 8 new blow off points was seconded by Bobbi Caraway. Motion carried.

Chief Medical Stokes report:

Laura has completed Paramedic credentialing and is now working with Lee County EMS to bring ALS to the island. She will meet with Lee County EMS and Upper Captiva paramedics to formalize and establish paramedic protocols for the islands.

 Laura has been returned to full duty from her knee injury and all Workers Comp paperwork is complete.

 New Business:

The Budget for Fiscal Year 2016 was presented at $242,850.00 which is a reduction of $10,125.00 from FY 2015. Bob Stevens moved to accept the budget, seconded by Ray George. Motion carried.

 A motion to open a new operating account at Wells Fargo with two officers having signing authority was made by Tony Colgan, seconded by Bob Stevens. Motion carried.

Fred Boos will be resigning from the board and Suzie Trino is a planned replacement.

Ray George stepped down as President and will remain on the Board.

The following slate of officers was proposed by Ray George, seconded by Bob Stevens and carried.

Tony Colgan - President

Jim Doherty - Vice President, Treasurer

Ray George – Secretary

 Fred and Ray were thanked for their dedicated and valuable contributions to the Fire Board and the island over many year’s service.

 The annual Fund Raiser is scheduled for March 19, 2016.

 The next board meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, at 9:00AM.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:49AM by Bob Steven’s motion and seconded by Ray George.